House Competitions

We have divided the student body of CCA into four houses named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John after the gospel writers.  Each house is comprised of students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.  The houses compete in a number of ways.  There is a Candy Drive for the Harvest Fest outreach to the community, a Food Drive for a Thanksgiving outreach, as well as other drives to support worthy causes.  The houses also compete in games, relays, and challenges during House Assemblies where students wear their House colors.

Ritz Week

To bring awareness and fight human trafficking CCA conducts a Ritz Week. During the week students get sponsors for every day they “Put on the Ritz”.  Students submit their pledges and come to school in formal attire. Students are encouraged to post photos of the event through social media to increase awareness. This year the school raised $3,000 to fight human trafficking.

Senior Project

Each year the Senior Class completes a “Senior Project” to leave their mark on the school’s and inspire the student body.  The project must be conceived, planned, resourced, and executed by the Seniors.  Past projects have included converting the loading dock into the “Warrior Gym”, installing a veterans memorial called “The Walk of Valor”, providing shade, decoration and renovation to the outdoor basketball court making the “Canon Commons”, and constructing an outdoor ecosystem called the “Canon Water Gardens”.

Secondary Retreat

Toward the beginning of each year the secondary students participate in a 36 hour Secondary Retreat.  The Retreat breaks the student body into teams for an extreme camp.  During the camp the teams must make their own food, sleep outside, compete in team building challenges, and learn new skills.  The students also attend devotions from guest speakers and finish with a “Love Feast” where they are served a meal by volunteer parents.  

Matthew Day

CCA has experienced the loss of a second grader through a tragic accident.  The student body asked that the last day of class before Christmas Break be named after the lost student because it was his favorite day. From that moment on we celebrate “Matthew Day” in his honor.  Faculty, students, and volunteers come to school in pajamas (his favorite) and enjoy a day of food, fun, and fellowship.

Rose Ceremony

As part of our high school graduation ceremony every senior gives a rose to the adult they recognize as being critical to their graduation.  No dry eye is left in the house as their dedications are read and they present their roses.

First Day of School Celebration

The  faculty and staff of CCA plan a special celebration on the first day of school.  Every student is welcomed at the door with a shower of bubbles, crazy hats, noise makers, and high-fives.  Students are escorted into the chapel where they participate in games and introductions.  The headmaster prays over the students and they embark into their new classes for the year.

Senior Sunrise

Every year on the first day of school, the Senior class arrives before dawn and is given access to the roof of the Academy.  There the Seniors greet the first day of their final year at CCA by watching the sun come up and sharing breakfast together before school begins.

Special Chapels

Chapels are attended every week by our students and open to all family members, but there are several special chapels to celebrate some very important people.  Grandparents Day Chapel invites all grandparents to join their grandchildren for a special message and refreshments.  Muffins with Mom Chapel celebrates our mom’s with a special speaker, muffins, and coffee.  Donuts with Dad Chapel celebrates our dad’s with a special speaker, donuts and coffee.  These chapels are so well attended we have to move them into the sanctuary to accommodate all the guests.

Canon Health Clinic

Every year the ninth grade biology class runs a health clinic for the community where they take and document vitals including: blood pressure, blood sugar, vision, and general health.  Reports are given to the participants and maintained for comparison year to year.

Rhythm of Christmas

The Rhythm of Christmas is CCA’s annual Christmas production.  Each year the tenth grade class writes and produces the program which incorporates the elementary and junior high school.  The Rhythm of Christmas always performs to a packed house and is definitely a Christmas highlight.

Spring Program

The Spring Program doubles as an open house event for the community.  Each class provides a presentation showcasing skills they have acquired.  This event corresponds with the Invention Convention so visitors can peruse student’s problem solving inventions.  Several classes also give special presentations based on class projects they have been working on.  It is a full night!

Rube Goldberg Competition

At the end of the fall semester, the high school classes compete in making a machine to perform an act (e.g. make a bowl of cereal, brew coffee, make a sandwich) involving over 16 steps and without being touched.  Students are encouraged to repurpose items from home and build their machine with a “theme”.   Students have four class periods in the week to make their machines and the final competition is conducted on “Matthew Day.”

Canon Warrior Wall

At the entrance to the Academy is the “Warrior Wall”.  The wall is a place to recognize students who hold the Canon record in an event.  Any event is eligible once the rules of competition are formalized and approved.  Current events include: push ups, pull ups, 100 meter run, Juggling, and Gauntlet.


CCA has an obstacle course called the “Gauntlet”.  The challenges include: 8’ wall climb, Monkey Mountain, Spear Throw, Z Wall, Axe Throw, Tire Flip, Sledge Pull, Atlas Ball, Balance Beam, and 100 meter Sprint.  Students can compete individually or in teams.  This is a timed challenge so regardless of fitness level the competition is brutal.

Fall Ball and Promenade

Once each semester the Student Council hosts a dance.  The Fall Ball is open to all secondary students and their guests.  The Promenade is only for high school students and their guests.  CCA dances have a rule, “Everyone dances with everyone!” Each dance is themed and includes a meal, photos, and plenty of fun.   Student Council always amazes with the decorations and detail.

Virtue and Valor

Virtue and Valor are our small group meetings for young women and young men respectively.  These groups meet for Bible study, service projects, and skills development.  Each small group decides the focus of their study and service.  Tea parties for the elementary girls, and Nerf Wars for the elementary boys have become anticipated events. The smaller groups allow our students to act on their faith.


Every secondary student is required to find a mentor.  The mentor can be a parent or adult approved by the parent.  The student is to meet with their mentor weekly to pray and discuss what God has been doing in the student’s life.  These relationships have proven to be very powerful and critically important in the spiritual development of our students.

Pledges and Mission

Every day begins with a recitation of the Bible Pledge, American Flag Pledge and the Academy Mission Statement.  This tradition helps to remind our students who they are as Christians, Americans, and Warriors.

Student Council Days

Throughout the academic year the Student Council plans special events to build the unity and energy of the Academy.  Student Council theme days have students dress up according to the theme.  They also promote the pumpkin carving event, 100th  day of school, Child Sponsorship (world hunger), Ritz week (human trafficking), drives for food, candy, and Christmas presents (local outreaches), Ditch Dress Code (to fund dances), Fall Ball and Promenade.  The Student Council is very active and helps to keep Academy Traditions Alive.