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One of the questions that Christian parents face is whether to send their kids to a Christian school or to the public system. The public system is increasingly unpopular with parents from across the socio-economic spectrum. And there is the notion that only those who can afford it send their kids to private schooling. We have many parents in our community who have the desire to give their children a solid Christian Education, but can’t afford it. It hurts when we have to turn families away due to finances. These families only desire the best academic and spiritual education for their children. 


First, and most importantly, you can help pray for the school, its staff and the students. We ask that you pray that God will prepare us for this great responsibility and bless our efforts. We also need prayer that our financial needs will be met.    


Second, we ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting our CCA Financial Aid Fund. We are very excited about the prospect of offering Christian based education to more families and their children. With the new CCA Financial Aid Fund we will be able to assist families with a heart for Christian education, that otherwise couldn’t afford it.

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